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Programmes of IIBS
The mission of the trust aims at excellence in education and provide training and support to the outstanding students of the country and across.The institution will be inaugurated preliminary in April 2015, and formally in November 2015 (after the completion of first academic session) making a humble beginning from 6th standard onwards and the intake capacity will be decided by the academic council and the availability of the infrastructure (probably 100 students in each class). This will be the first residential institution in the near future of the valley for imparting multidimensional education on merit basis. The appointment of well trained and qualified staff will be made by the concerned experts and extensions will be made yearly both to academic as well as non academic staff, based on the performance.

We will do away with the ranking system and instead give them grades so that the pressure on the students and parents will reduce. Flexible curriculum will create an atmosphere conductive to innovative teaching and a rich change of learning. A complete residential and academic compound will permit the faculty, staff, students and their families to enjoy a rich and a broad range of educational programmes and social amenities.

Simultaneously, vocational programmes/certificates courses will also be introduced for the deserving candidates of the country to ensure economic development. These short courses will guarantee their ability to earn their own livelihood. This will change the lives of the people and the economic future of the valley. Worth to mention, unemployment rates have reached unprecedented heights and we have a moral obligation to rebuild the local economy too. The institution will help in acquiring knowledge and in developing skills and in preparing students to pursue higher education in the long run. The Institute will award to honor and encourage talented students, staff and the people having noble and innovative thoughts. The Institution is equally committed to solving problems for humanity and to facilitating the conditions in which science; arts, humanities, business and cultures can flourish. The following schools will be established

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